An Intense Race Between the Jetman and the Jaguar XJ

Last time here on the blog, we talked about how incredible the Jaguar XJ is. Well, now we're back for more as an incredible race is on between Yves Rossy - the Jetman - and Martin Brundle - a former F1 driver piloting the XJ.

Running a two kilometer road, Yves puts his Powered Wing suit to the test against the XJ; as it's capable of hitting a top speed of 186 miles per hour, it's certainly a worthy opponent to the car's max of 174 miles per hour. Play that video below to see who comes out the victor:



While we're sad to say we don't see any wing suits here at Jaguar of Naperville, you can still command the power of a new Jaguar model. Combining elegance, luxury, and power like nothing else, we're sure you're going to love what you see here at our Naperville, IL dealership.

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