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Do you want a luxury vehicle that steers and handles well? Are you look for a responsive sedan or SUV with great traction for your Chicagoland drives? Then you want a vehicle with Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive.

Jaguar Dynamic AWD Features

The Dynamic AWD system is specially tuned to respond to the precise design, purpose, and specifications of each Jaguar vehicle. Jaguar Dynamic AWD is able to adapt to various road conditions and circumstances around the Schaumburg area and other suburbs to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance.

With Jaguar Dynamic AWD, 90% of the power is the sent to the front wheel while driving straight at a solid pace. When driving becomes more challenging, Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) shifts the power to be more eventually distributed to all four wheels, based on: 

  • Road conditions
  • Driving behavior
  • Degree of traction

When you are in need of serious traction, this system sends 90% of the power to the back wheels, giving you stronger traction and power.

Jaguar Vehicles with Dynamic AWD

These Jaguar vehicles come equipped with Dynamic AWD as standard or as an option:

Test Drive an AWD Jaguar

Interesting in taking advantage of all of the benefits that Jaguar Dynamic AWD offers? Contact Jaguar of Naperville to set up a visit to our showroom, not far from Bolingbrook, and we’ll take you on some test drives in our AWD Jaguar models!

Source: Jaguar of Naperville

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