Jaguar Classic Cars: Preservation & Innovation

Jaguar Classic Cars 

Jaguar is known not only for setting the standard modern luxury, but for making history with their iconic classic vehicles, just read about Jaguar history to learn that. Today, the brand has dedicated itself to restoring and preserving Jaguar classic cars- from the iconic Jaguar E-TYPE to the Jaguar D-TYPE. Discover more about the Jaguar classic cars programs and experiences with Jaguar of Naperville.

Jaguar Classic Works

Automotive enthusiasts from Aurora, and from around the world, can make their way to the dedicated Jaguar classic cars facility to see first hand the steps Jaguar is taking to preserve legendary models like the Jaguar E-TYPE. Take the Classic Works Tour to experience their 14,000m2 facility which features:

  • Four teams dedicated to rebuilding rare models like the Lightweight E-TYPE or XKSS.
  • 54 workshop bays
  • Space for 480 vehicles
  • A dedicated engine shop
  • The Jaguar classic cars collection

You can see how Jaguar is bringing classic models into the future with restoring and converting classic models to electric energy to create unique vehicles like the Jaguar E-TYPE Zero.

Jaguar E-TYPE

Jaguar Classic Cars Experience

Whether you want to race your own classic Jaguar or get behind the wheel of one of the Jaguar classic cars for the first time, you can make that dream come true. If you own a classic pre-1966 Jaguar and are willing to bring it to the UK, you can take part in the Jaguar Classic Challenge races. A total of six weeks of racing, drivers can enter one race, several races, or the whole series.

For Jaguar lovers who want to get behind the wheel of a classic car for the first time, you can book the Jaguar Class Driving Experience to spend some time on the track behind the wheel of your favorite of the Jaguar classic cars.

Jaguar Classic Cars Experience

Drive a New Classic From Jaguar of Naperville

At Jaguar of Naperville, we are proud to carry on the proud history that Jaguar has brought to the automotive space. Whether you want to learn more about the history of Jaguar, or are interested in test driving a modern model that is sure to become a classic, feel free to contact us at Jaguar of Naperville near Aurora! We can find you a model with the performance and luxurious interior that pairs time timeless appeal of classic with the innovative features of the present.