2019 Jaguar XJ

Elegance & Power

Meridian™ Sound System
Panoramic Roof
Rear Seat Entertainment
Park Assist
360° Surround Camera
$75,400* Starting MSRP

Learn More About the 2019 Jaguar XJ

Driving Experience

Discover the refinement of the XJ with exceptional engines, a lightning fast transmission and a range of advanced driving technologies. The XJ delivers the comfort and refinement of a luxury car with the responsiveness and driver involvement of a sports car.


Beauty, Strength, Agility

The beauty of the XJ is more than skin deep. Its aluminum unibody construction is strong yet light. Its outstanding rigidity provides confident, precise handling and is designed to absorb the impact of poor road surfaces in its stride.

This advanced body structure also helps the XJ achieve better fuel economy than it would with a heavier steel structure. That’s not all — up to 50 percent of the aluminum used in the XJ is from recycled sources.


Powerful, Responsive, Smart

The XJ offers a choice of exceptional engines built to satisfy different driving styles and requirements, but always to ensure outstanding performance and handling.

3.0L V6 340HP Supercharged

The 3.0-liter V6 340 hp supercharged engine provides high performance with an immediate response even at low engine speeds. With 332 lb-ft of torque, it can accelerate the XJ from rest to 60 mph in as fast as 5.7 seconds (6.1 seconds with AWD).3 Available on the XJ R-Sport, XJL Portfolio and XJ50.

5.0L V8 470HP Supercharged

In the XJ Supercharged, XJL Supercharged and now in the XJ50, the 5.0-liter V8 470 hp supercharged engine provides exceptional levels of power at all engine speeds, outstanding mid-range acceleration and 0-60 mph acceleration of just 4.9 seconds.

5.0L V8 575HP Supercharged

The XJR575 delivers awesome performance produced by its exclusive 5.0-liter V8 575 hp supercharged engine, tuned and calibrated to produce a top speed of up to 174 mph.3 This is a premium luxury sedan that accelerates from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.


Signature Features

Comfort and Control

Adaptive Dynamics continually monitors the car up to 500 times a second, varying the damping to suit the conditions. These continual adjustments help keep the XJ flat and stable, improving control without loss of ride comfort.

Complete Command

The 8-speed transmission in the XJ is controlled by the beautifully designed JaguarDrive Selector™, which rises into your hand once the Start/Stop button is pressed. Simply rotate the selector to move from Park to Reverse or Drive. JaguarDrive Control™ offers specific settings for the drivetrain: Dynamic Mode, which modifies transmission shift points while illuminating the Virtual Instruments in red, or Winter Mode, providing more progressive throttle control for slippery conditions.

All Wheel Drive

The intelligent AWD system reacts in the blink of an eye, so should the rear wheels start to slip, it instantly redistributes torque to compensate. Over 90 percent of engine torque can be distributed from the rear wheels to the front wheels to provide optimum traction.

All Surface Progress Control

All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) can provide assistance in slippery conditions whether helping to navigate a snowy driveway or park on a slippery incline. This low-speed cruise control operates between 2 and 18 mph, allowing you to concentrate more on steering.



The XJ provides true luxury. Choose from a wealth of colors and wheels, including exclusive XJ50 5 split-spoke ‘Style 5045’ alloy wheels with a Gloss Black Diamond Turned finish. Authoritative, elegant and powerful. The XJ teardrop shape is formed for optimum aerodynamic efficiency, reducing air resistance to a minimum, improving acceleration, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.


Make a Statement

The XJ in motion is a sight to behold. Even at rest, it has the ability to raise your heart rate — its powerful character reflected in the low, wide stance and long, taut waistline. With its fusion of honed lines and sculpted elegance, the XJ fully embodies the Jaguar promise of dramatic, dynamic and pure design.


Signature Features

Intelligence in Motion

Design and engineering come to life in the XJ. The front of the car is bold and assertive with an imposing front grille with mesh detail. The grille is framed by energy-efficient full LED headlights, sporting a unique ‘Double J’ Daytime Running Lights (DRL) design.

Instantly Recognizable From Any Angle

At the rear, striking taillights with signature ‘J’ LED illuminated running lights and elliptical tailpipes accentuate the power and agility of the XJ.

Bumper Treatment

The XJ50 features unique style front and rear bumpers to add emphasis to the car’s assertive style. The front bumper is complemented with Chrome air intake bezels and Black grille mesh.

Floating Roofline

The rear windshield wraps seamlessly around the XJ to create a floating roofline that emphasizes the long, low and wide profile.

XJ R-Sport

The XJ R-Sport features dynamic styling cues that include a Gloss Black grille and rear valance, as well as a front splitter, ‘R’ style side sills and a rear spoiler.



From the 10″ touchscreen to the handcrafted veneer, the XJ delivers exceptional standards of technology, luxury and comfort. Discover a quality of craftsmanship throughout the interior that sets the XJ apart. The XJ interior is as technologically advanced as it is luxurious. The quality of craftsmanship throughout the cabin sets it apart. The XJ features the latest connected in-car technology to keep you informed and entertained. With a wide choice of colors, materials and finishes, the interior reflects the clarity and purity of the exterior.


Signature Features

Space to Breathe

Inside the XJ, the impression of space is accentuated by the panoramic roof and the sweep of handcrafted veneer that runs around the cabin. The feeling of luxury is punctuated by exciting sporting elements, and Phosphor Blue lighting creates an elegant finishing touch. So you never just travel in an XJ — you are transported to another place.

Another Dimension

Long Wheelbase XJ models take the luxury of space to another level with no compromise to the beauty of the stylish exterior of the XJ. Featuring quilted seat styling and over 3 feet of legroom for rear passengers, it is the perfect environment in which to work, enjoy a host of entertainment options or simply stretch out and relax.

Flawless Craftsmanship

The XJ50 headrests are embossed with the Jaguar leaper. The dashboard intaglio and front-center armrest feature the XJ50 logo, and the Gloss Shadow Walnut veneer provides a rich, contrasting accent within the cabin.

Every Detail Considered

The spacious rear cabin of the XJ is crafted to pamper. It can be further enhanced with individual, stowable 10.2-inch HD screens and a center armrest housing multimedia and front- and rear-seat controls, as well as providing useful storage. Folding business tables, LED reading lights, drop-in footrests and electric side rear window blinds are also available for comfort, convenience and privacy.


Interior Features

Essential Details

The standard headrests are embossed with the Jaguar leaper. The XJR575 features the signature 575 logo embroidered on the front and rear seats.

Illuminated Tread Plates

The optional elegantly styled aluminum sill tread plates illuminate when the driver or passenger doors are opened, while exclusive branded tread plates in XJ50 draw you into the stylish cabin. Both sets of tread plates are highlighted by soft Phosphor Blue lighting.

Twin-Needle Stitching

The XJ features twin-needle stitching throughout, adding to the lush feel of quality and providing enhanced durability. On some models, stitching in a contrasting color can be chosen to add the further touch of personalization.

Intaglio Text

For a unique finishing touch, the Intaglio can be personalized to your own specification.


Exceptionally Luxurious

Diamond Quilted Stitch Leather

On XJL Portfolio, XJL Supercharged and XJ50 models, the leather upholstery has a sophisticated Diamond Quilted Stitch pattern for the last word in luxury.

Technology Beneath You

The multi-functional seating in the XJ gives you complete control of your personal comfort. All seats, front and rear, feature heating and cooling, so the perfect comfort level is the touch of a button away. Even after many hours behind the wheel, you will emerge from the XJ fresh and alert.

Through The Looking Glass

The view from inside the XJ is exceptional: a panoramic, heat-reflective glass roof sweeps back and over the rear seats. It filters UV rays and floods the interior with natural light — making it feel beautifully airy, enviably spacious and, thanks to effective tinting, very private.

Personalized Luxury

The cabin is both contemporary and luxurious, created to excite the senses. You can personalize the interior with a choice of materials and finishes to meet your exacting standards. Vast expanses of glove-soft leather and beautiful veneers give the XJ its distinctive, luxurious atmosphere.


In-Car Technology

The XJ is equipped with an array of standard and optional connectivity and driver assistance systems to make driving easier and more convenient. The XJ features the state-of-the-art Touch Pro™ in-car infotainment system as standard. Responsive, intuitive and seamlessly integrated — Jaguar offers solutions that innovatively enhance your drive.


Connected Car

All XJ vehicles feature the state-of-the-art Jaguar infotainment system, Touch Pro™. The system seamlessly integrates with your smartphone to offer a range of services that enhance the driving experience by keeping you connected while you are on the move.



Pro Services

Pro Services delivers real-time data on traffic flow, fuel prices, parking services and live routing to make sure you reach your destination in good time. You can also view maps in satellite and street-level imagery. The onboard Wi-Fi system creates a permanent in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot allowing passengers to wirelessly connect a range of devices to the Internet.

Route Planner

Route Planner uses an iOS or Android Route Planner app or web portal to seamlessly integrate with your phone and navigate you door-to-door — from the initial walk to your car, the drive and (should you choose it) subsequent use of public transport. Your smartphone integrates perfectly with your whole journey.

Onboard Wi-Fi

The onboard Touch Pro™ Wi-Fi system provides the data feed for various next- generation services and guidance features. The data connection also creates a permanent in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot allowing passengers to wirelessly connect a range of devices with the infotainment system and the Internet.


Remote provides access to your XJ through your smartphone while you are away from it. You can remotely set the climate control to pre-warm or cool the car by starting the engine before you get in. You can also lock and unlock the car, and “beep and flash” to determine its location.


Signature Features

Touchscreen Control

The XJ command center is the touchscreen. This highly intuitive multi-touch interface can be personalized and uses familiar smartphone and tablet gestures — just tap, pinch-to-zoom and swipe for fast, accurate operation.

Interactive Driver Display

The 12.3-inch high-definition TFT Virtual Instrument Display brings information to life in the XJ — replacing the conventional instrument cluster. This powerful multi-layered, virtual display combines a user-friendly graphical interface with advanced functionality to make driving even more of a pleasure. You can choose from four pre-set display themes, or view a full-screen navigation with 3D mapping.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Keep passengers entertained with dual 10.2-inch screens in the rear of the front headrests. Rear passengers can watch a DVD or streamed video via the Rear Media Interface. The system includes two WhiteFire™ digital wireless headphones. This feature is only available as part of the Premium Rear Seat Package.

MeridianTM Sound Systems

Designed for the XJ by British audio expert Meridian, two different systems are available in XJ models: the standard Meridian 825W Digital Surround Sound System and the Meridian Reference 1300W Digital Sound System. Both feature advanced technology including Digital Signal Processor (DSP) software — to create superb stereo or surround sound throughout the cabin and optimize every element of the system — as well as Meridian Cabin Correction to dramatically improve the clarity and authentic reproduction of your music.

Enhanced Security

All models feature central double locking, an alarm and engine immobilizer. Door locks can be controlled either remotely from your key fob or by using the button on the door handle via the Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless Entry. At night the key fob can also be used to activate the headlights as you approach the car. As an additional security feature, the doors can be set to lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed chosen by the driver.



Safety and Driver Assistance

Advanced safety and driver assistance systems are designed to protect you and your passengers on every journey. Sophisticated driver assistance systems are designed to provide reassurance, information and an enhanced feeling of control, allowing you to focus on the pleasure of driving.


Signature Features

Designed to Reassure

Whatever the task, conditions or environment, you can be confident that the XJ will go the extra mile to assist and protect you and your passengers.

Light Fantastic

The powerful and efficient full LED headlights of the XJ produce an exceptionally smooth beam pattern and light that is closer to true daylight — allowing objects to be recognized more quickly. They are also available with Adaptive Front Lighting, which works in conjunction with the steering to increase illumination on bends, and standard Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA), which dips the headlights as an oncoming vehicle approaches.


Standard Driver Assistance Features

Lane Departure Warning*

Our Lane Departure Warning can help make long journeys much safer. It senses when your car is unintentionally drifting out of your lane, and notifies you with a visual alert and a gentle vibration of the steering wheel.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

Lane Keep Assist*

Working in conjunction with Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist senses when your car is unintentionally drifting out of your lane, and gently steers you back.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

Emergency Braking*

Should a potential collision be detected, the XJ gives an audible forward collision warning. Visual warnings follow. If you take no action, the system applies the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

Blind Spot Assist*

Blind Spot Assist can help you prevent collisions. If your vehicle detects another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, a small warning light illuminates in the corresponding wing mirror and a steering torque encourages you to guide your vehicle away from the approaching vehicle.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

Driver Condition Monitor*

Driver Condition Monitor detects if you’re starting to feel drowsy and gives you an early warning when you need to take a break.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter

Our Traffic Sign Recognition system keeps you fully informed and aware on the road by displaying speed limits and no passing signs in the instrument cluster. When activated, our Adaptive Speed Limiter uses Traffic Sign Recognition information to adjust your car’s speed accordingly.

Rear Traffic Monitor

Reverse Traffic Detection warns you of vehicles, pedestrians or other hazards approaching from either side of your vehicle. The system will alert you with both audio and visual warnings even when your own view is obstructed.


Always in Control

Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™ includes SOS Emergency Call and Optimized Roadside Assistance.

In the event of a critical situation, your Jaguar vehicle can automatically notify emergency services of your location. Should you contact Jaguar Roadside Assistance, the system can provide your GPS location and relevant diagnostic information.


Additional Available Driver Assistance Features

Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist

Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist senses when a vehicle in front slows, reducing the speed of your XJ vehicle accordingly to maintain a safe distance. When the vehicle speeds up again, so does the XJ.

Park Assist*

Park Assist makes parallel and perpendicular parking easier by steering your vehicle into or out of a parking space. Simply select the appropriate gear and control the speed. Graphics and notifications guide you through the maneuvers.

*Not available on All-Wheel Drive.

360° Parking Aid

360° Parking Aid has sensors located around the vehicle that automatically trigger when Reverse is selected. The system can also be manually activated. As you park, the touchscreen display and audio feedback indicate your proximity to obstacles.

360° Surround Camera

360° Surround Camera provides a 360° exterior view via the touchscreen, helping with various maneuvers from parking by a curb to getting in and out of tight spaces and intersections.

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