2020 Jaguar I-PACE

The Ultimate All-Electric Performance SUV

80 City / 72 Hwy** EPA Estimated MPGe
LED Headlights
Blind Spot Assist
4G Wi-Fi Hotspot
Meridian™ Surround Sound System
$69,850* Starting MSRP

Learn More about the 2020 Jaguar I-PACE

Electric Performance

Thrilling Jaguar power and dynamics with zero tailpipe emissions – everything you would expect from an all-electric performance SUV. For over eighty years, Jaguar has created cars that excite the senses. Electric power doesn’t change this, it only produces more opportunities for creating the dramatic performance we are renowned for.


Jaguar Dynamics

The powertrain of the I‑PACE provides 394 HP and 512 lb-ft of usable instant torque. With built-in All-Wheel Drive traction, the I‑PACE accelerates 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.


The 90 kWh battery of the I‑PACE is designed for longevity and supports protracted periods of sustained maximum power. The battery’s position within the wheelbase provides the vehicle with a low center of gravity, naturally benefiting vehicle dynamics, making the I‑PACE a true driver’s car.


The I‑PACE is propelled by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors integrated with the front and rear axles. These motors provide 394 HP and 512 lb-ft of useable instant torque. With built-in All‑Wheel Drive traction, the I‑PACE accelerates 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.


The I‑PACE does not require a conventional transmission. Instead, it is all about simplicity. JaguarDrive instantly delivers sustainable acceleration from 0 to 12,000 rpm with no lag and no gearshift interruptions.

Torque Vectoring by Braking

Maximizing sports car-like agility for added driver confidence, Torque Vectoring by Braking provides controlled independent braking on the individual inside front and rear wheels to add to the turning forces acting on the car. In most conditions, more braking pressure is applied to the rear inside wheel as this supports the most increased cornering capability, while the front inside wheel is braked for greater effectiveness and refinement.

Active Air Suspension

Reducing the space between the car and the road improves aerodynamic performance and range. The Active Air Suspension of the I‑PACE automatically lowers the car by 0.4 inches when traveling at speeds in excess of 65 mph over extended periods of time.

Adaptive Dynamics

Adaptive Dynamics delivers both precise dynamics and a supple, luxurious ride by monitoring vehicle movements up to 500 times a second. The system constantly analyzes acceleration, steering, throttle and brake pedal activity and the electronically controlled dampers adjust to optimize the suspension settings, providing the optimum balance between comfort, refinement and agility at all times.

Configurable Dynamics

When Adaptive Dynamics is fitted, the Configurable Dynamics system allows you to personalize the throttle sensitivity, steering weighting and damper stiffness of the I‑PACE. Select Dynamic Mode to enliven the sporting character of the I‑PACE.

All-Wheel Drive

The I‑PACE is designed to deliver all-surface, all-weather drivability. Power and torque response is immediate and the electric motors can adapt independently to the driver’s inputs, road surface conditions and available grip.

Adaptive Surface Response

Drawing on our expertise with All-Wheel Drive systems, Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) constantly monitors the car’s environment and adjusts the appropriate motor and brake settings. Once selected, AdSR works at all speeds to support you in adverse weather and across challenging surfaces.

All-Surface Progress Control

All-Surface Progress Control is a state-of-the-art system that enables you to set and maintain a steady speed in challenging conditions such as slippery surfaces. It functions between 2.2 mph and 18 mph, enabling you to concentrate on the road ahead.

Low-Traction Launch

Providing you with optimum torque control when you move off from a standstill, Low-Traction Launch enhances capability in slippery conditions like wet grass, snow and ice. The system remains active until the car reaches 18 mph—then the I‑PACE seamlessly blends back into the selected driver mode.

Enhanced Brake Regeneration

To maximize range, the I‑PACE uses an Enhanced Brake Regeneration system that recuperates almost all braking energy. Once you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the system provides regenerative braking, comfortably slowing the I‑PACE while converting the power generated to optimize the battery’s range.

Heavy Traffic Braking

Driving in heavy traffic is simple—using the touchscreen of the I‑PACE, you can raise the level of regenerative braking. The corresponding increase in deceleration means that in stop-and-go traffic, for example, there is far greater control of the car’s speed using only the throttle.

Active Vanes

To give the optimum balance between cooling and aerodynamics, Active Vanes open when cooling of the battery is required, but close when not needed to smooth airflow.

Heat Pump

The highly efficient heat pump of the I‑PACE harvests heat from the outside air and electronic components of the vehicle. The warmth is transferred to the cabin via the heating and ventilation system, reducing the power demand from the battery while maximizing range.


Exterior Design

The revolutionary design of the I‑PACE is true to both the spirit of the Jaguar vehicle and the I‑PACE Concept.



From the pronounced front wheel arches to the rear diffuser, every element of the aerodynamic design of the I‑PACE allows the car to slice cleanly through the air for optimized range and stability.

Hood Scoop

The bold grille curves inwards—reducing drag by channeling air through the hood scoop and out, where it passes over a roofline that is curved for maximum efficiency.

Rear Diffuser

Squared-off corners encourage air to detach cleanly from the vehicle, minimizing the pressure differences that cause drag.

Door Handles

Ensuring that airflow passes smoothly around the entire exterior, deployable door handles sit flush with the car’s sides.

Flowing Waistline

The driver’s cabin sits low with sweeping fenders that create a sense of movement and complement the body’s fast, tapering waistline.



Giving a distinctive on-road presence, the slim futuristic LED headlights of the I‑PACE feature our signature double ‘J’ blade graphic, while the roof offers an exceptionally smooth look with a panoramic glass roof.

LED Headlights

For even greater visibility at night, choose optional Premium LED headlights.

Rear LED Tail Lights

The sleek rear tail lights of the I‑PACE are also LED.

Panoramic Roof

The I‑PACE comes standard with a panoramic glass roof. The tinted and infrared-absorbing glass prevents strong sunlight, UV light and heat from entering the cabin.

Jaguar Wheels

The I‑PACE offers a choice of wheels in sizes 18”, 20” and 22”— all perfectly complement the revolutionary looks of the I‑PACE.


Interior Design

The I‑PACE reimagines the classic Jaguar vehicle balance of sports car focus and luxury craftsmanship. Seamlessly integrated technology, abundant space and exceptional calm. The interior design is clean and uncluttered with tactile features and sweeping lines.


Luxury Atmosphere

Throughout the interior, beautiful, handcrafted touches reaffirm the cabin’s luxury atmosphere. Rich, solid finishers surround you, and fine contrast twin-needle stitching adds tailored sophistication. At night, crisp white illumination accentuates the exquisite details.

Hidden Space

The I‑PACE features a floating center console at the heart of the cabin. This unique, cantilevered design feature gives you an immediate sense of the space of the I‑PACE the moment you open the door.



Sports Seats

Available in a range of materials and colors, the expertly designed sports seats of the I‑PACE hold and support through every turn. They feature optional heating and cooling for greater comfort.

Performance Seats

Optional Performance seats have been engineered with sports cars in mind. Crafted from the finest materials, they provide increased lateral support during dynamic driving.

Quiet Refinement

The cabin is a sanctuary from the outside world. For outstanding refinement, sophisticated motor encapsulation reduces sound, while the sharp exterior design minimizes wind noise.

Acoustic Laminated Glass

The I‑PACE offers a refined, quiet drive. To maintain the calm interior, the I‑PACE features acoustic laminated glass on the front windows and windshield, reducing noise entering the cabin from outside.

Cabin Pre-Conditioning

Pre-heat or pre-cool the interior of the I‑PACE using the Touchscreen or, remotely, via the smartphone app to ensure the vehicle is at your desired temperature before you enter. By pre-conditioning the I‑PACE while it charges, the ideal temperature is achieved without using power from the battery, preserving the vehicle’s range.

Cabin Air Ionization

Cabin Air Ionization helps your well-being by improving the air quality within the vehicle cabin. It does so by ionizing particles in the air, making them attract to surfaces and helping cleanse the air. This feature can be turned on or off when desirable. Cabin Air Ionization is also designed to help neutralize odors as well for a more pleasant in-car environment.


In-Car Technology

Seamlessly integrated technologies make controlling the features of the I‑PACE, and your connected devices, simple. The I‑PACE provides an incredibly streamlined experience, both in car and out. Whether it’s on the two touchscreens, the Interactive Driver Display, available Head-Up Display or on your smartphone, everything you need is never far away.

Touch Pro™ Duo

Our Touch Pro Duo infotainment system consists of a 10” touchscreen integrated into the dashboard and a lower 5.5” touchscreen with multi-function dynamic dials.

InControl® Features

Navigation Pro

Choose to display either 2D or 3D maps, search destinations instantly and receive live traffic updates through Navigation Pro. With I‑PACE, Navigation Pro also details your range, taking into account various factors including road topology and speed limits.

SmartPhone Pack

Easily interact with your smartphone on the I‑PACE touchscreen through Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®.

Connect Pro

With standard Connect Pro, the I‑PACE keeps you informed and up to date. Find out what’s happening along your route, nearby parking and places of interest. The Connect Pro pack consists of Pro Services, 4G Wi-Fi HotSpot and Smart Settings.


Interact with your I‑PACE and discover key information, including the available vehicle range, wherever you are through the Jaguar InControl App. It includes Jaguar Optimized Assistance, which transmits your location and diagnostic data in the event of a breakdown, and SOS Emergency Call.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Utilizes GPS tracking technology to help police locate and recover your vehicle.

Online Media

Listen to your favorite music, radio and podcasts on the move. All without your smartphone. Link your Deezer and TuneIn accounts to the InControl Portal, and your media can be accessed directly from your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Smart Settings

Automatically identifying each driver using their key and phone, Smart Settings can select preferred seat and mirror positions and play your preferred media at the start of each journey. Smart Settings can also learn and automate these preferences based on your habits and past routines.

Head-Up Display

To help reduce distraction, the optional Head-Up Display presents key vehicle data such as your speed and navigation directions on the windshield. It features clear full-color graphics in high resolution.

Interactive Driver Display

The 12.3” high-definition Interactive Driver Display provides relevant driving information, including full-screen navigation with 3D mapping, exactly where you need it. Its high resolution ensures the utmost clarity, while the refined processing engine delivers smooth‐moving, pin-sharp graphics.

Meridian™ Audio

Bring your music to life with two sound systems from British audio experts Meridian. The superb Meridian Surround Sound System with Trifield™ technology delivers all the fullness and clarity of a live performance. This excellent 15-speaker arrangement is standard in the I‑PACE HSE.

Jaguar IGuide

The Jaguar iGuide app is a mobile owner’s manual, explaining all the need-to-know features and controls of your I‑PACE and ensuring you always have the answer to any question on hand.



The design of the I‑PACE opens up a world of possibility to create exceptional interior space. The I‑PACE has a compact footprint on the outside but exceptional space within. The electric architecture provides the freedom to imagine a new interior space for you and your passengers.


Spacious Design

The architecture of the I‑PACE allows for the front seats to be positioned further forward towards the space where the engine would traditionally be, improving the driving position. This also provides a greater distance between the front and rear seats, giving added legroom and comfort to the rear seat passengers.


Signature Features

Cargo Space

Behind the rear seats, the cargo space is a substantial 25.3 cubic feet with a length of 38 inches. Completing the carrying capacity is a front storage compartment, beneath the hood, which provides 0.95 cubic feet of additional storage.

In-Car Storage

The absence of a drivetrain has allowed the front center console to hold 0.43 cubic feet of storage space underneath it. There’s convenient storage space under the full width of the rear seats too. And, because electric motors don’t require a conventional gearbox, we’ve made the most of the space in the center console by designing the perfect spot for phones and keys.

Activity Key

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities and keep your car key securely in the vehicle. The optional Activity Key features a robust, fully waterproof wristband, allowing you to take part in a range of activities where carrying a key is less than convenient.



With many innovative technologies available, you’ll find all features have been designed to increase your driving experience while providing more safety. Designed to help protect you, your passengers, the battery and other road users, the I‑PACE has been engineered to include a wealth of safety features.


Safety Cell

The I‑PACE utilizes a combination of aluminum and steel to form a rigid cage around the battery, providing increased safety for all vehicle occupants.

External Sound System

The I‑PACE emits an external acoustic signal at speeds under 19 mph (30 km/h) to help make pedestrians aware of the car’s presence.


A comprehensive system of six airbags including driver and passenger airbags, side curtain and thorax are standard to help protect occupants.


Three LATCH points for baby/child seats are fitted on each side of the rear seats.


Innovative Driver Assistance Technologies

From negotiating city traffic or the open road, to providing additional comfort for you and your passengers, there’s a wealth of innovative driver assistance technologies available as standard, optional or as part of an optional package.


Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist

Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist works with you; as you keep your hands on the wheel anticipating the road ahead, the system uses a camera and radar to track vehicles and lanes ahead and assists with steering, braking and acceleration.


Driver Assistance – Standard Features

Emergency Braking

Is designed to help prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists using camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors. If a potential front collision is detected, the system gives audible and visual warnings. If no action is taken, the system is designed to apply the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact.

Cruise Control and Speed Limiter

Cruise Control is designed to maintain a constant speed without continued use of the accelerator pedal. Using Speed Limiter, you can set a maximum vehicle speed.

Adaptive Speed Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition

Is designed to keep you informed of speed limits and no overtaking signs by displaying them clearly in the instrument cluster. When activated, Adaptive Speed Limiter uses Traffic Sign Recognition to adjust your vehicle’s speed accordingly by using the cruise control system.

Driver Condition Monitor

By monitoring steering inputs, brake and throttle pedal activity, Driver Condition Monitor is designed to detect if you’re starting to feel drowsy and give you an early warning when you need to take a break.

Lane Keep Assist

Is designed to detect when the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of the lane and applies a steering torque to gently guide your vehicle back.

Rear Camera

The Rear Camera provides improved visibility when reversing. To assist with parking, static lines representing the I‑PACE and its projected path appear on the touchscreen.


Driver Assistance Packs

Each pack offers a range of features to help keep you informed. Park Pack is standard on the I‑PACE S. Park Pack and Drive Pack are standard on the I‑PACE SE. Park Pack and Driver Assist Pack are standard on the I‑PACE HSE.

Park Pack

  • Park Assist

Parallel and perpendicular parking is made even easier with Park Assist, steering your vehicle into and out of a suitable space. After selecting either Drive or Reverse, you only have to control the vehicle’s speed. Graphics and notifications will guide you through the maneuvers.

  • 360⁰ Parking Aid

Gives added assistance when maneuvering in tight spaces. Sensors located around the vehicle automatically trigger when Reverse is selected, or can be manually activated. When maneuvering, visual graphics and audio feedback indicate your proximity to obstacles.

  • Clear Exit Monitor

Is designed to alert passengers leaving the vehicle from the rear doors to approaching cars or cyclists. When an oncoming hazard is detected, a warning light will flash on the door. The light will immediately go off when the door is safe to open.

  • Rear Traffic Monitor

Particularly useful when reversing out of a parking spot, Rear Traffic Monitor is designed to warn you of hazards approaching from either side of your vehicle. It will alert you with both audio and visual warnings so you know what’s behind, even with an obstructed view.

Drive Pack

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go

Keeps a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front even when it slows. Should the vehicle in front stop completely, the system can help bring your vehicle to a smooth halt behind it. In stop-start traffic, Adaptive Cruise Control will automatically resume following the car in front.

  • High-Speed Emergency Braking

Is designed to detect when a potential frontal collision with another vehicle may occur and displays an alert, warning you to brake. In the event you do not react, the car will deploy the brakes in order to reduce the severity of the possible impact. Active between 6 mph and highway speeds.

  • Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist is designed to help you prevent foreseeable collisions. If your vehicle detects another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, a small warning light illuminates in the corresponding wing mirror, and a steering torque encourages you to guide the I‑PACE away from the approaching vehicle.

Driver Assist Pack

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist

Is designed to track vehicles and lanes ahead using a camera and radar to maintain a central position for your vehicle, and to moderate the speed of the I‑PACE according to the behavior of the traffic ahead of you. This feature slows your vehicle to maintain a relaxed and composed drive in busy traffic situations.

  • 360⁰ Surround Camera

Four different cameras discreetly placed around the vehicle to provide a 360° overhead view on the touchscreen. To aid with maneuvering, several different views can be displayed simultaneously.

  • High-Speed Emergency Braking

Is designed to detect when a potential frontal collision with another vehicle may occur and displays an alert, warning you to brake. In the event you do not react, the car will deploy the brakes in order to reduce the severity of the possible impact. Active between 6 mph and highway speeds.

  • Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist is designed to help you prevent foreseeable collisions. If your vehicle detects another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, a small warning light illuminates in the corresponding wing mirror, and a steering torque encourages you to guide the I‑PACE away from the approaching vehicle.

I-PACE Gallery

I-PACE Inventory

I-PACE Trims

  • I-PACE S
    I-PACE S


    • 18″ 15-Spoke ‘Style 1022’ Alloy Wheels
    • LED Headlights
    • 8-Way Semi-Powered Luxtec Sports Seats
    • Touch Pro® Duo, Interactive Driver Display and Meridian™ Sound System
    • Park Assist, 360° Parking Aid and Rear Traffic Monitor
    • Connectivity features include: Remote™, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot) and Stolen Vehicle Locator

      • 20″ 6-Spoke ‘Style 6007’ Alloy Wheels
      • Premium LED Headlights with Signature Daytime Running Lights
      • 10-Way Grained Leather Sports Seats with Memory
      • Touch Pro® Duo, Interactive Driver Display and Meridian™ Sound System
      • Drive Pack including Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and High-Speed Emergency Braking
      • Connectivity features include: Remote™, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot) and Stolen Vehicle Locator


    • 20″ 5-Spoke ‘Style 5068’ Alloy Wheels with Diamond Turned Finish
    • Premium LED Headlights with Signature Daytime Running Lights
    • 18-Way Windsor Leather Heated and Cooled Front Sports Seats with Heated Rear Seats
    • Touch Pro® Duo, Interactive Driver Display and Meridian™ Surround Sound System
    • Driver Assist Pack including Blind Spot Assist, 360° Surround Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist and High-Speed Emergency Braking
    • Connectivity features include: Remote™, Navigation Pro, Connect Pro (Smart Settings, Pro Services, 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot) and Stolen Vehicle Locator

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