Lease End Options

Special Offer for current Jaguar Lease Customers:  
Get out of your lease up to 3 months ahead.  
Maturity date on or before August 1, 2019 and 
must be within 30 days of payment due date. 
See your Jaguar of Naperville Client Advisor for more details

Welcome to the Jaguar of Naperville personalized lease end options page. In order to help simplify the process and make it easier for our Illinois customers to understand, we've included helpful information here to guide you regardless of what your plans are when your current lease expires.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing can be the most financially advantageous way of driving a new Jaguar, which is probably why more than half of Jaguar owners choose to lease. Jaguar of Naperville is committed to providing the most competitive leasing programs available, so our customers from Chicago and from across the entire state can drive a larger, more powerful and better-equipped Jaguar vehicle. Leasing does not require the same cash commitment, since you only pay for the value of the vehicle you're using during its lease period. At the end of their lease, Jaguar owners have the flexibility to turn in their Jaguar for a newer model, re-lease their current Jaguar for additional term, buy their current vehicle at a set agreement price or turn their Jaguar in and walk away. Leasing with Jaguar Financial Services adds the security of keeping everything under one roof. From test drive to the end of you lease, the Jaguar family is ready to meet all your automotive needs. And since there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you driving a new Jaguar, we're going to do our absolute best to make it easy for our Illinois customers to stay behind the wheel of one.

Your Three End-of-Lease Options

Option 1 - Get into a new Jaguar

Option 2 - Keep your current Jaguar

Option 3 - Return your Jaguar

The end of one great journey is the beginning of another

As the lease on your current Jaguar is scheduled to mature, it's time to start thinking about what you intend to do with your vehicle. Our Portfolio Managers are here to help guide you through this process, and you can contact them at (877) 820-1415. As one door closes another one opens, and if you're lucky that door will be attached to a new Jaguar from Jaguar of Naperville.


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