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When it comes to designing a sports car that is both efficient and powerful, the engineers at Jaguar know what they’re doing.  The all-new XF, for instance, is built using Jaguar’s Aluminum Intensive Architecture.  Offering a stiffer body, a lightweight front double wishbone and a rear integral link suspension, the Jaguar XF delivers a driving experience that’s second to none.  You’ll get enhanced handling and control, no matter where you travel.  Check out the video below to see how, with Jaguar, lighter really is better.

Once you get rolling, the intelligent design of the Jaguar continues to respond to your surroundings.  The available Adaptive Dynamics system automatically modifies the car’s settings in response to the given conditions and to your driving style.  It’s the most collected and controlled ride around and, it’s that way by design.  Take advantage of the smooth, lightweight Jaguar XF and swing by Jaguar of Naperville to take a test drive, today!

Source: Jaguar of Naperville

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